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estilla - Palmistry and Tarot Reading in Austria

Have a chat with estilla - Palmistry and Tarot Reading in Austria today. 10-15 years of experience in Tarot Reading. WELLCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! ESTILLA (Esztilla) is Hungarian Sybil Oracle a Lenormand and a Tarot card Reader. "I am working in my country as a Fortune teller and a diviner. In high school I learned archaic hungarian magic from shamanism up to the early and late Christians. My speciality is nation folklore. I use the power of my ancestors for reading, healing and for divination. I know all of us have a common beliefs regardless of what we believe. The Sun(God) gives strenght for everyone, the Moon(Mary) controls the waters and our feelings, the stars(Angels) show the way for everybody. I belive in the healing strenght of the nature. God never gives diseas without medicine. I belive we can heal with the four elements. The fire, the water, the air and the Earth. We have a heritage what we have to preserved and protect. Together with God or together with Mother Earth. " About : ESTILLA THE ANCIENT HUNGARIAN LOVE GODDESS "I use her powerwhen i am on reading, I trust in her word, in her promises, in her wisdoms! She is the queen of the fairies, she guides our way in the sky, she is the empress of the eveningstar. Once she cheated with the devil, and she has to marry than quickly, cause against the devil need to use another man power! Than she became a wife and mother and always starries on the sky! She is The Venus planet, she is Maria, she is Aphrodite, she is the Goddess of love. She is the love power in every culture!" TAROT CARD READING "I studied Tarot card divination and spiritual management to become a Tarot psychologist. I would like to use my knowledge to served the people and help the world. Tarot cards are not just diviner cards, these are the art of the life. They can show everything. Especially the future, the past, personal feelings, messages from the celestial world. And the most important thing is, what they show is what to do, to become happy and statisfied with your life and how you can change your life, your future, your destiny." MLLE LENORMAND CARTOMANCY One of the greates woman in the history. The huge legendary bio and forever living predictions! Uses her power and her deck, makes me a part of her world! And also uses her heritage of cartomancy! LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS These help me to give a perfectly clear and honest way to tell the truth. I use a complete True Love throw out! -How my lover feels about me? -What kind of communication we have in our lovelife? -Where is the problem, what's wrong? -How can we improve our sexual life? -Will he come back to me? -Where is my twinflame? -How can I find true love? True love divination includes three level mind, heart (SPIRIT) and body. FAMILY STATEMENTS - For unlock blocks, forgiveness, family balance... PALMISTRY - For explore the turning points in your life PAST LIFE AND FUTURE WILL - For clairvoyance ADVICES...HELP...HOW TO HOLD OR HOW TO LET GO... because EVERYBODY DESERVES THE HAPPINESS! PEACE AND BLESSINGS!

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