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Chat with CliodhnaWave - Numerology Readings and Tarot Reading in Austria online. 25-30 years of experience in Tarot Reading. Hello and welcome! It is lovely to meet you all, and I'm sure that we all will become great friends. My screen name: My online presence owns a name that is very near and dear to my heart. It comes from the Irish tale that tells of The Queen of The Bean Sidhe. Cliodna (by the way it's pronounced Klee-uh-na) was a young one of the Faerie realm that chose to live among humans. It was her fate that she would be taken from her lover by the ocean itself . The ocean waters are something that are in my blood, and I promise, that you'll never find me living very far from the salty waves. I'm quite at home in the majesty of the forest realms as well. Though, I'm sure that's not what you're reading my profile for, I figured it couldn't hurt to tell the tale of my screen name, since it does give a little representation of my gifts, talents, and learned abilities. I am a traditional witch (non Wiccan). I believe strongly in free will, and go by my own moral compass, though I also am very nonjudgmental about other's beliefs/creeds or the lack of the same. I don't subscribe to the thought that one size fits all for anything; this is especially true of religion, sexual preference, lifestyle choice, or the choice not to choose. I'm non-judgmental, and respect is something that is very important to me, and in my life. In my room, this is a safe "harbor" if you will, and I work very hard to keep that energy intact. MY SKILLS: I have mentioned that I am an emphatic tarot reader and have been for over 30 years. I showed early abilities (at the age of 6) and have continued to use my talents, since then. I began reading the tarot at the age of twelve, and at nineteen started doing so professionally. I don't always use tools in my readings, and much of my readings are done using my intuition, and I do have my guides and other helpers. Occasionally, when asked, I will also call upon my abilities to communicate with the plant world to help heal and share knowledge. Yes, I am an herbalist, as well as "plant translator" and have many plant helpers in and on my path. TOOLS USED: I own many tarot decks, but the one that I am most comfortable using is called the Haindl deck. It represents much of my own spirituality, learnings, passions, and beliefs. I also will use The Faerie's Oracle cards, and Heart of The Faerie Oracle cards that help me see more in depth into present feelings, ailments, and sometimes add a bit of clarity to a tarot reading. Occasionally, I will pull cards from this deck for those present in the room. I will also use my pendulums: There are two that I work with, and both were made with pride by me! One is created with a Lapis lazuli stone, and the other is made with a smoky quartz crystal that is filled with beautiful rainbows. FREE CHAT RULES: RESPECT YOURSELF. RESPECT OTHERS AND THEIR POINTS OF VIEW. Have fun. Interact with each other if you will, but if there is any "drama," I do reserve the right to eject offenders without warning. I mentioned that this space is a safe harbor, and I work very hard to keep it that way. RESPECT THE ROOM. When there is a Demo: I will chose 1-3 people for a three card reading. IF THE CONDITIONS ARE RIGHT AND MY MOOD WILL ALLOW after the reading(s) is/are finished, I will answer one yes/no question for those present before the one minute marker. I will call each out by screen name--if you ask your question before your name is called, I will ignore your question, and remove you from my list. How do I choose winners? That we'll leave up to Spirit to guide. I and Spirit have a number of ways to choose a winner.

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